Goodbye green eye.

It still amazes me that less than two weeks ago surgeons had made a hole in my head and were rooting around behind my eye, manipulating nerves and muscle and bone in order to cut out a thick tumour the size of a grape. After 5 years of constant and increasing problems, 5 years spent … Continue reading Goodbye green eye.


Just a few short hours.

Well, this is it. The last blog post before surgery. In a few days from now, bright and early on Wednesday morning, I'll be asked to think about nice things as I drift off to sleep, and when I wake, I've absolutely no idea what kind of world I'll be in. One of change, no … Continue reading Just a few short hours.

Music breaths life, so here’s a breath of fresh air.

It's Christmas time! A time of happiness, festivities, and music. ...well, it's always time for music.. and happiness, but perhaps more so during Christmas! Anyway, let's talk tunes.   So a few months ago I made the mistake of listening to the radio one afternoon, and a specific track was introduced as 'saying something about … Continue reading Music breaths life, so here’s a breath of fresh air.

Tainting the integrity of knowledge.

Have you noticed how difficult it is in recent times to attempt debate and discussion without it devolving into political rantings? I have. And when the credibility and importance of an entire subject is being undermined by ignorant political bias, that's when you start to feel like something needs to be said.   Early last … Continue reading Tainting the integrity of knowledge.