Fear of a digital planet.

It's becoming increasingly clear in recent years that very few things seem to satisfy me anymore. Anyone else get that? It's not an 'I'm better that this' kind of thing. I just don't seem to feel much for the experiences people generally want to talk about. So many forms of entertainment and sources of interest … Continue reading Fear of a digital planet.


Introverts and Extroverts – Who’s right?

During a conversation, a few days ago, I found myself saying something along the lines of the following; - 'There are two types of people in the world, 'Introverts' and 'Extroverts'. The reason these types of people exist is because they exist. A persons personality, character and lifestyle is entirely formed by which of these … Continue reading Introverts and Extroverts – Who’s right?

The things that make you stupid with happiness.

You know that moment in life when you experience something so good it makes you smile like an idiot? I'm not talking about the things that make you laugh or love. I'm talking about the kind of feeling that's so perfect, so entirely designed for you and everything wonderful in the world, you find yourself … Continue reading The things that make you stupid with happiness.

A happy update, and a request for your advice.

In May earlier this year I shared an article I'd written titled 'Acceptance - Coming to terms with reality', which was about accepting and dealing with the permanent damage to the vision in my right eye, thanks to a tumour. Then, in late July, I wrote a follow up of sorts called 'Suffering - Is … Continue reading A happy update, and a request for your advice.